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About our online store

The idea behind Vape Forest was to give smokers who wanted to switch to vaping an effective and instructive online buying experience. We recognise that the world of vaping may appear to be one filled with acronyms and nerdy gadgets, so from the beginning we made it our purpose to assist in educating consumers by providing easily digestible information and a carefully curated selection of products that you can rely on.

At Vape Forest, we take great satisfaction in offering not just the largest online selection of vape items in the UK, but also the best-curated selection. From the most straightforward beginner kits to the trickiest mods, from the most straightforward single-flavor premium juices to the trickiest blends, and everything in between! To guarantee that each item we stock is of the highest calibre and safety, we put it through a rigorous due diligence process. We only carry things that we are glad to use ourselves.

Vaping is all about having options. A smoker who decides to transition to vaping is making a much less dangerous option than to continue smoking. Making the change is not always simple, and picking the product that will work best for you might be confusing. There are literally hundreds of different types of vaping devices available, along with thousands of different e-liquid flavours. What one person enjoys may not be suitable for another.

Our Product Range

Vape Forest is your one-stop online vape shop, carrying the largest selection of high-quality goods from around the globe. To guarantee that we just give the best, each and every one has been carefully selected by our knowledgeable team of testers and purchasers and evaluated for quality and cost.

With such a wide range of goods, we can satisfy all types of vapers. Whether you’re new to vaping or an experienced user, like mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping, high PG or max VG, or have any other preferences, we want to support you on your vaping adventure.

Our Service

We promise that if there is an issue, we will fix it for every single customer! Whatever the problem, customer care is available to assist. If your order was incorrectly filled out, a device or liquid you received was defective, your mod won’t turn on, or your order hasn’t arrived as promised, contact our staff and we’ll fix the issue as soon as possible. Despite our best efforts to portray ourselves as flawless, mistakes can occasionally occur since after all, we are all human.